Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Royal Mile

     One of our first stops when we arrived in Edinburgh was the Royal Mile.  The Royal Mile is located in the Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland.  The streets that make up the Royal Mile are Castlehill, Lawnmarket, High Street, Cannongate, and Abbey Strand.  These streets are filled with shops, pubs, restaurants, and historical landmarks.  It was an excellent place to find souvenirs and gifts.  In fact, I bought so much stuff that I had to buy more luggage to bring it all back home in!  Although I spent a few hundred pounds in currency shopping along the Royal Mile, I certainly did not lose any pounds in weight because the food was so great.  Any weight that I may have lost by walking, I found it a few feet away at yet another great restaurant. 

     The length of the Royal Mile is actually a “Scots Mile”, which is a little bit longer than an English mile …. A mile and a meter to be exact.  The roads are made of cobble stone, and the area was filled with people.  There were many tourists from all over the world, and local residents as well, crowding the streets.  There were a few people performing their unique talents in the street.  One man was preparing to do a juggling act with fire!  Another man played the most beautiful music with a metal saw, as if it were a violin!  I was in awe by the skill and precision it took to make such beautiful music with such a dangerous tool.  The Royal Mile certainly embodies the rich culture of Scotland. 

     In addition to the many fabulous places to shop and eat along the Royal Mile, there are two very significant historic locations, Holyrood Palace, and Edinburgh Castle.  The Palace of Holyrood House, also known as Holyrood Palace, is the official residence of the British Monarch in Scotland.  At the opposite end of the Royal Mile is Edinburgh Castle.  Edinburgh Castle sits bold and magnificently atop of a volcanic rock.  When we reached this beautiful structure at the end of the road, it made all of the walking and spending well worth it.  If you ever visit Scotland, you must take a trip to the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

-Cicely Douglas

Cicely at the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.

The Royal Mile.

St. Giles.

Taking a break after a walk at the Royal Mile: Back: Shelley, Dr. Herd, Tracey, Stephanie P., Meghan, and John. Front: Cicely, Stephanie K., Dr. Stone, Melissa, and Caroline.

St. Giles.

Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle.

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