Tuesday, June 3, 2014

An amazing opportunity, an amazing cultural experience!

      Attending the UFHRD 2014 conference has been both an amazing opportunity and cultural experience. This year's conference aims to meld leadership and culture by bringing together some of the most intelligent minds within the field of HRD. With keynote speakers like Jonathon Passmore, Hazel Makenzie, Eugene Sadler-Smith and Wendy Ruona, conference attendees will gain a wealth of knowledge that is sure to spark questions within the field of HRD. 

      As a doctoral student, I have been given the opportunity to witness wonderfully inteligent individuals present their research and conceptual theories. Each presentation that I have listened to has been both a cultural and academic experience.  I have met individuals from various countires that are just as vested in the field as I am. This conference has also presented me with an opportunity to connect with other students and new colleagues with who I am so excited to hear of how their research has progressed. 

      Overall,  this experience has been one steeped in a wealth of research and of course, leadership. To say I am grateful to be here would be an understatement. I think I can also speak for my fellow colleagues when I say,  "wish you were here!"

-Stephanie Pepera

Part of the CEHD-U of L delegation to UFHRD 2014: Caroline, Tracey, Stephanie P., and Shelley.

The CEHD group at the Edinburgh Napier University, site of the UFHRD 2014. Cicely, Shelly, Dr. Herd, Tracey, Caroline, Stephanie K., Megan, John, Stephanie P., Melissa, and Dr. Stone. Go Cards!

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