Saturday, May 31, 2014

Scotland, an amazing place

Scotland is an amazing place. I have been to Europe many times but unfortunately I have not been able to visit the United Kingdom. From the moment that we landed everyone here has just been so friendly and it makes you just feel at home. The biggest shock to me was when we were getting into the taxies and the driver told me that I could sit up front, I naturally walked to the right side of the car and opened the door but shockingly I forgot that is where the driver is. The driver was explaining to me about Edinburgh and how everyone was out in the city with their friends and family just enjoying the nice weather. This was no surprise to me since European people love to be outside and some of us Americans are well lazy.

I personally love the European public transportation system and how everyone is outdoors and just being physically active, it makes me wish America would follow suit but this would not happen especially when students complain about walking across the Belknap campus which isn’t very big.

Since our dorms are right next to a big mountain I was wondering what it is and finally found out, it is called Arthurs seat and is an extinct volcano that people climb. From our dorm I could barely see the outline of people trekking to the top like the adventurous people trekking to the top of Everest in a line but minus the gear, snow and subzero temperatures. I have attached pictures and a video. The journey up Arthurs seat was inspiring due to the beauty and just old world appeal of everything. In the US I don’t think people would be climbing it but instead someone would of destroyed the scenic aura of the place and built a road so that busses and cars would then drive up, I am glad that the only way to the top is to walk. Being here just makes you want to explore and walk everywhere, if you don’t want to walk much further than you can always take a train, bus or even a taxi.

From being here I have really felt welcomed into this great and beautiful land. I am proud that I was able to attend this conference which is currently on going and meet people from far reaches of the globe. I have met people from the middle of the pacific to the middle east, all over Europe and the US. Where else would you meet this diverse group of scholars all coming together to share what they have learned over the past year.

As a proud American that has been all over the world, I feel that more Americans especially students need to visit the world. We are not the only country out there and need to diversify our selves. There is so much out there to see so why should we just stay in the US when the adventure is waiting on us. Life is changing and so is the world, especially since there are places here that is well over a 800 years old that is still being used today, there is nothing this old in the US that is still being used, as far as I know.

-John Journey

The CEHD group ready for their journey in Edinburgh, Scotland.  At the Newark airport the enthusiastic faces of Melissa, Shelley, Dr. Stone, Tracey, Caroline, John, Megan, Dr. Herd, Stephanie P., Stephanie K, and Cicely.  Safe travels to you all!

Dr. Herd, Tracey, John, Stephanie P., and Megan, with Edinburgh in the background.

Arthur's Seat.

John, with Edinburgh in the background.

A view of Edinburgh.

Megan, John, and Stephanie P.

John in Edinburgh.

Megan throwing the "L" Cards sign.

Check this video out!

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